Native Advertising

Our highly creative and efficient ads try to reach the audiences generally not targeted but are highly involved in the process and can turn out to be valuable prospects.

Working mechanism
People usually either block the good old traditional ads or don’t pay any interest. Native ads are not like other ads. They mix well with the site they are on and are knowledgeable, entertaining, and helpful so people tend to see such adds, and hence, the is a more audience that can turn into customers.

For advertisers
At Antares, we focus more on the finished product that forms because it is what matters the most. We have analyzed the journeys of innumerable customers hense, we know what the probable outcome would be and what population should be targeted. We then show them the ads of products that they might be interested in allowing us to gather more active users and higher conversion rates.

Why is it beneficial for you?

⦁ Pass to millions of prospects
Native ads are more relevant to the site they are on and are contextual they don’t get blocked by the adblocking software. This is in itself a big feat because 380 million people use such software to block irrelevant ads.

⦁ Newer and widespread audiences
Native allows you to reach a more tough-to-access audience by using their media format preferences including mobile, videos, articles, infographics, etc.

⦁ Customer-centered
Customer location, device, time, buying aim, etc enable you to estimate, investigate, and boost the effect of your native advertising campaigns on your clients.

⦁ Quick access to billions of people
Our native advertisement has access to 1.6 billion people worldwide.

⦁ Valuable quality leads
No one googles for services or products directly, most people search for the solution to a problem they might be facing. This is where native advertisement comes into play. It is more engaging, contextual, and attracts the prospects in a most subtle way that they do not even feel like watching an ad. This is how they are converted into customers.

Why should you choose it?

⦁ Create a strong brand association
You can become a part of someone’s individuality by providing suitable material to their favorite web pages be it the music-captivated millennial or travel-loving silver surfers. Your brand can become a lifestyle. Make your brand go viral in a positive way.

⦁ Grow awareness of your brand
If the content you’re putting forward is related to the users of that site, you can teach, inform, amuse, analyze, and please. And all this will go in your favor in the long-term because a good reputation matters a lot.

⦁ Native ads do better conversions.
Native ads get 50% more viewership than the usual ones and if something has more audience, it will likely have more prospects. Through complex but targeted client filtering, we try to focus more on the end product and not just on the click. By matching the customer requirement with the correct brands and then exhibiting suitable ads to intrigue them, we can get high-end valuable leads.

Let us improve your business!