Mobile advertising

We provided nearly 3 million in sales last year through mobile ads. This type of advertising is also based on performance that is capable of selling more items and boosting your sales.

Working mechanism
Our ability to target the most suitable users for your products combined with the experience that our publishers hold provides you with the most cost-effective method of advertising. In our age, everyone has a mobile phone. Our high-technology enables us to pinpoint the users that can be potential buyers and delivering highly-appropriate ads that will boost your in-app sales by leaps and bounds.
For publishers
Our creative app button technology provides you with two times better ads than the traditional ones as they are more reliable, pertinent, beneficial, and fascinating. Your conversion and attribution rates will be increased because of our deep linking and in-app tracking technology. That’s why becoming a part of our network will boost the commission you are earning through your online users.
For advertisers.
We can place your ads in front of the right audience at the right time by tracing millions of users across numerous sites and programs. Our mobile advertising identifies the perfect nominees for your sales and shows them such creative and persuasive ads that they will be converted into a customer.

⦁ Post data analysis to allow you to optimize your performance.
⦁ Deep linking and app-reengagement provide you a chance to boost conversions and ROI.
⦁ To get the maximum output combine CPA and CPI budget and measure the performance holistically.
⦁ Deep linking and app re-engagement allows boosting the conversion and ROI.
⦁ Correct cross-device attribution is possible by using CPA tracking for the in-app and mobile web.
⦁ Our network of international and local publishers provides you with direct in-app and mobile web traffic.

⦁ Integration of your app button into other sites and apps by using no intrusive ads.
⦁ AppButton captivates the users that want to complete an action.
⦁ AppButton is less likely to get blocked because it is not meddlesome and applicable.
⦁ App buttons work on an outcome-based CPS performance model.
⦁ Match the content of your ads with the needs of your users using location-based ads in accordance with what the user is doing.

⦁ Our wide network provides you immediate access to over 1 billion mobile users.
⦁ Accurate targeting using strong data signals to activate more users.
⦁ Smart remarketing to convert the one time user into a repeat customer.
⦁ Maximize the output of the campaign to deliver shifting outcomes.

Why should you choose it?

⦁ Increase overall marketing success
Our deferred deep linking and smart mobile technology will allow you to analyze not it the in-app sales but the post-install actions across mobile apps, websites, different channels, and devices. And your performance against other KPIs is depicted in our mobile performance report so that you can maximize your ROI.
⦁ Right timing
Showing ads to your high-quality prospects at the time they are very intrigued by your product lowers the chances If them denying the offer.
⦁ High-quality traffic
Our network is devoid of was, fraud and bots to make sure that the incoming traffic is real.
⦁ Acquire and activate customers
CPA-based performance model, centralized tracking, and reporting allow you to pay the only one you have received the results.
⦁ Boost your active users and sales

Let us improve your business!