Lead Generation

Working mechanism
Lead generation is developed for more valuable products such as cars, education, etc that the clients have done their homework before buying. We target the clients that are in the market looking for products that you want to sell and our lead generation publishers make sure that they get to them. Landing page form, candidates supplying details and consenting to be contacted are the reasons only the most suitable clients get through maximizing the conversion rates.
For publishers
Our lead gen material gives you another way of earning money using your online traffic. In every campaign, our highly advanced lead program and client-based landing pages provide you with the opportunity to get updated on all your submitted, verified, and approved leads.
For Advertisers
Our lead generation service can cut down your costs on ads. You only have to pay for the quality leads that come up to your expectations. We dish out everything for you. Our specialized lead gen publishers are scattered in all types of industries providing you access to billions of people. Also, we can track down and assess what the customer is up to at each stage, allowing you to access the best leads.

How is it beneficial?
⦁ Turn leads on and off
You can choose which lead you want and at what price. You can always stop or change your requirements to make the leads more appropriate to your budget and resources.
⦁ Click on a button and re-target leads
To find leads more suitable for your forever changing prerequisites and to make adjustments to your campaign filters, we are the network that provides it all.
⦁ Integration with call centers and CRM
Immediate calls and quick callbacks enable you to convert your leads more efficiently.

Various campaigns available include:
⦁ Callback requests
⦁ App installation
⦁ Free sample offer
⦁ Brochure or pamphlets offer
⦁ Co-registration
⦁ Online registration
⦁ Email sign-up

Wide range lead gen channels:
⦁ Display
⦁ Mobile.
⦁ Content sponsorship
⦁ Search
⦁ Social media
⦁ Email marketing

Main benefits for the publishers:
⦁ Earning more commission for selling valuable products.
⦁ We verify all the leads so know that you will be paid, no question asked.
⦁ You can earn across all types of abovementioned channels
⦁ You can firm relationships with other lead gen advertisers in your area.

Why should you choose it?

Avoiding money loss
In our network, you have permission to contact your clients and as a result, you won’t lose money if your client is not yet ready to buy the product at a particular time but is still interested.

⦁ Get high-quality leads
⦁ You only pay for leads beneficial to you.
⦁ Economical use of marketing budget
⦁ You decide how many leads you want and at what price.
⦁ More control over how much you want to spend on marketing
⦁ Turn leads on and off as required
⦁ ROI is completely translucent which identifies what is delivering the most.

Let us improve your business!