Incentive marketing

At Antares, we offer you our latest incentive marketing which is used by all the popular brakes worldwide as it enhances the revenue from their gains, win-back, cross-sell, and retention marketing.

Working mechanism:
Incentives can not only bring in more customers taking the sales up but also make them feel extraordinary and this inculcates loyalty in them for a particular brand. It also portrays that you value your customers. But it requires both time and money. But at Antares, we have a system that is running already and with the expertise of our team, we’ll get the work done for you.

For publishers
Incentives provide you with flexibility and enable you to enhance your gains. You can greatly increase your sales in comparison to your competitors if you just know what incentives you have to launch and to what audience.

For advertisers
All you have to do for us is to send us the information regarding the customers you are willing to target and we will formulate a whole campaign for you. We have access to the well-known and payable incentives that can produce maximum effect once tailored to your needs. Everything is based on your brand and you can see it all the time. Minimum exertion and input can lead to maximum output in the form of more customers of you just trust our well-handled online incentive services.

Widely popular incentives.

Customers usually prefer online incentives because it involves minimal hassle. Our online incentives are cost-effective. Easy to Brandon Personalize and customers can receive them immediately on desktop and mobile. Spotify, Starbucks John Lewis. Amazon is one of the most popular retailers.

Customer satisfaction and advocacy.

Incentive not only makes the customers and staff happy but also converts them into eager supporters of your brand This results in an increased commitment, more favorable reviews, and better questionnaire responses.

Word of mouth recommendations.

People will usually believe family members or friends more than an ad appearing on their mobile phones. Therefore, instead of wasting money on targeting cold audiences use this highly effective channel to access the audience.

A higher Commission from your online traffic.

Increase your user traffic by offering incentives that the users cannot find anywhere else.
Allow cross-selling products through your site to award your incentive visitors.
Use incentives to furnish more valuable customers to your advertisers in order to develop a more strong, technical relationship.
Your incentive should be time-limited to develop a feeling of haste generating more sales.

Economically productive and convenient

⦁ .No expense of setting up.
⦁ Built-in consumer analysis management.
⦁ Fully branded client experience.
⦁ Brisk to establish, and simple to enforce.

Why should you choose it?

⦁ Beat your hardest marketing challenges
Incentives are a perfect way to boost your sales if other strategies of marketing are not working well. They are a tried and tested method of helping out your business.

⦁ Earning new customers
Incentives are known to increase the conversion, stimulate a lot of referrals, and produce a larger, number of leads.

⦁ Keep customers longer
Incentives will increase not only customer activation but also retention. It has been shown in a study that the customers gained through this way generally remain 19 months longer than the others. It will increase the regeneration rates and repeat business, whereas lessening inconstancy in customers.

Let us improve your business!