Audience Network

A simple dice roll changes sequential buying of advertisement (bidding for a space for advertisement) into a rich point of supple of excellent prospects. With he help of smart automatic bidding, we present your advertisements before your fellow competitors in from of their eyes.

Working Procedure:
Top publishers of the industry provide initial data to present to you the early stage journeys of the customers. Many attractive prospects of spaces for advertisements can be targeted like this. Normal programming’s elasticity and speed are matched by us to well-required optimisation. Therefore, advertisements are only available in prospects which are high-quality and not in any ambiguous place and they’re presented there immediately.

For Advertisers
We use data from top-quality publishers to find the best audiences for your marketing. So you don’t have to throw money down the drain testing all the ad placements and targeting under the sun. We tell you where your best prospects are and give you access to them in the middle of their customer journey, making for far easier prospects to convert. It’s the low-risk, high-reward version of programmatic buying.

For Publishers
This is a very simple process like adding a cooking for everything on your website. Your advertisement is sold to the advertisers after all your audience data is collected and and then you are paid your amount. Huge-scale purchases can be profited from if Audience Network is integrated with your data. Your advertisement will not be corrupted by any kind of content of low-quality. Your payment depends upon the number of customers you attract with your advertisement.

Important benefits

Top audiences
Initial data from only the best quality, very appropriate publishers will only be provided to you. Our lists are never flooded with similar, weak prospects. Audiences, most of which are customers, are hunted for by us who are willing to purchase. Exclusive audience, which can’t be found on Ad Exchange are sent to you by us.

Excellent management by humans
Bidding automatically is a very easy and quick process. When robots are made responsible for it, the things might not always go right. With the help of your instructions, audience data and media buying managed with the help of our professionals. A strong and simple relationship is established between advertisers and publishers. To prevent advertisements from being misplaced, every bid is manually checked.

Maximum Transparency and Control
In the end, it always depends upon you where you want your advertisement to be displayed. You are presented with full veto power. I’m order to maximise your returns, you can choose your own bidding techniques and manage your advertisements. Campaign results are completely accessible to you.

Why go for it?
Easily convertible with willing customers
We bring to you customers who are readily willing to purchase and are standing somewhere in between their sales funnel. Your convincing isn’t required; they readily buy your product, making it easier for you to converse.

Let us improve your business!