Our Affiliate Network

Our affiliate network endorses brands to the customers in the market that need their products. This is why worldwide popular brands like are preferring our solutions for their performance ads.

How does it work
This is a network where our affiliates, that are the publishers, endorse the product of the customer in return for money whenever a product is sold. It is a win-win for both sides because the publishers get to work with high-end brands providing products beneficial for their users and the brands sponsor their product without the risk of loss. After all, they have to pay the publisher only after the products are traded.
For publishers
Our global network is a perfect option for you if you are looking to earn some dollars using your online user traffic because our network has access to most of the popular brands of the world of almost every category. We will help you to get started and make sure that your payment is paid on time along with easy ways to keep a record of your sales and commissions.
For Advertisers
We provide you a way you can get do the customers that are looking to buy your products. We allow you to know their identity, their location, and how you can convince them to buy your products. And it is risk-free, with no ad-spent wastage and upfront costs because you only have to pay when your product is sold. Nothing better than this, right??

Why is it beneficial?

Best support

Immediate payment in your currency.
Payout models that is suitable for you.
Immense support if you are a beginner
Probably the best commission rates out there.
A display of your commissions and sales using a fully visible dashboard
A perfect toolbox for the publisher to create apps, product feed, AppButton, APIs, and SDKs to make sure that everyone sees your ads.

An all-round support

We not only help you get up and running in no time, but we also make sure that we inform you what is working out the best for you and where should you be investing to gain more. Thus, it’s a complete detailed guide to support you with your baby steps and to help you succeed. So ask away any query you have and our team will surely answer.

Brand enhancement

We assure you that we choose the best of the best publishers for you because we know that the name of the brand is at risk and that's something we don't compromise on. Most of the publishers are households and are approved by our team to become a part of the network. So you can trust us.

Latest technology

We can say this with full confidence that our technological tools and techniques are one of a kind that you won’t find anywhere else. We give you data about where and who tour customers are and how can you make sure that they see your products and taking a step ahead, convince them through our ads to buy them.

Why should you choose it?

⦁ Increase your sales
Millions of people use our mobile apps and are apart of our network daily. We make sure that we endorse your products in front of the right audience at the right time.
⦁ Widen the access to your brand
Our network is currently working on five continents having publishers that can sell everything. So by choosing us, you are becoming a part of a global network that will surely take your marketing campaign to the next level.
⦁ Get higher-value clients

Become an affiliate today!